Cachagua Fire Suppression Equipment
Designator Resource Year Status Location Description Photo
B7702Ford Expedition2003AvailableBattalion Chief's VehicleB7702 is a 2003 Ford Expedition and is used as a command vehicle for the Battalion Chief.
E7712Type 1 Engine1989AvailableStation 1Engine 7712 is a 1000 gallons per minute (GPM) Type 1 Engine powered by a Ford power plant with automatic transmission. This truck can seat two firefighters up front and two in the rear. It is our "first out" Engine for structure fires and "second out" for all other needs.
E7731Type 3 Engine1997Available Station 1Engine 7731 is a 1000 GPM Type 3 Engine. It is set up as our "first out" wildland engine. This Engine responds to all vehicle accidents and is "second out" for medical emergencies.
E7732Type 3 Engine1989AvailableStation 2Engine 7732 is a 1989 International Type 3 4X4 vehicle located at Station 2. This engine is used as our "second out" wildland fire response. It is also used on vehicle accidents if called for.
WT7742Water Tender1980AvailableStation 2WT 7742 is a 1980 International Mack 400 GPM water tender with a 3600 gallon tank. The vehicle is used for all water shuttle activities involving both wildland and structure fires.
P7751Type 4 Patrol1997AvailableStation 1Patrol 7751 is our type 4 4 wheel drive vehicle that rolls "third out" on all wildland fires. It is a great mop up and roving vehicle. We also use this vehicle for some rope rescues and motor vehicle accidents.
R7761Rescue2005AvailableStation 1Rescue 7761 is a Ford 5500 chassis and is our "first out" vehicle to all medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, and rope rescue scenarios. We also roll this rig along with the other engines as a safety back up to our medical needs on all fire calls.
U7792Polaris Quad Utility1995AvailableStation 1U7792 is a utility Polaris vehicle used as a general utility vehicle for training drills and for search and rescue incidents as needed.